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Cezar's Choice range of advanced wet/raw diets are here. Using fresh raw meats and green Tripe with added Vitamins, Organic Minerals, Prebiotic, Probiotic, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed and NUCLEOTIDE Proteins for superior digestion.


        Our new dry diet is scientifically formulated to remove all normal dog diet allergens. Using Nucleotide Proteins as the major Protein source
enables superior digestion with minimum process requirements by the system. A firm pellet with all flavouring derived from the ingredience.  

Lori Cuisine the choice of breeders Australia wide, superior Proteins, complete Vitamin and Mineral profiles, no lactose or milk additives. Either wet or dry for superior health for all Lori species.                                                                                                


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[September 2015]
Cezar'Choice new SUPREME DIGESTIBLE diet has been released. We have used Nucleotide Proteins as the primary Protein source eliminating possible alergens related to meat type meal diets and use organic Minerals which are 10 times more digestible than synthetic varients. Almost 97% digestible it takes the strain off the digestive system for quicker and more complete assimulation of Micro and Macro nutrients. Hemp Seed and coconut oil supply a pure energy source for vitality and health.  
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Welcome to our new site, we have been busy formulating new products and diets for other species such as poultry, horses, dogs and soon cats as well. Many of our tried and true products have been revised with additional inclusions making them even better. Have a browse through and give me some feedback.

Michael Vojtek
Senior Nutritionist